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Due to the increased number of company applications, you can only apply for the waiting list for now. You can become a partner when a current partner becomes inactive. Tip: Speed up the process by getting references from developers and get past the line.

Not another list of CVs to guess on

Find and recruit experienced developers and designers easily

We ease software companies’ recruitment pain points by offering a platform to find and recruit experienced developers and designers, both employees and freelancers, fast and easily. We also introduce Talents proactively directly to companies when a potential match is recognized – You won’t get another list of CVs to guess on as we’ll only introduce you the Talents who match your needs the best.


Become a Talented Partner and get exclusive access to our Talented Network of 1300+ techies.


Talented Freelancers

For your shorter-term needs, we have a versatile freelancer pool of developers, engineers, architects, designers and consultants ready to jump into interesting projects. Become a Talented Partner and get exclusive access to top tech freelancers.


High-class tech recruiting – Talented Recruiting Consultancy

Find the best IT professionals for your company. Talented offers comprehensive help for recruiting technical and creative roles, from finding and attracting the right talents to assisting with technical evaluations and interviews or where you need assistance the most. If you’d like to discuss this opportunity, please contact us at and let’s sit down for a coffee.

What are the qualities of a Talented Partner Company?

We are interested in working with modern, like-minded companies who endeavor to be leaders in their field. Your work environment must represent today’s world in having modern ways of working, a relatively flat hierarchy and spread autonomy – your company should be built on trust towards individuals.


What does it take to be a Partner?

For us to deliver the highest value, we need to maintain an ongoing discussion about what is happening in your organisation, now and in the future. For consultancies this means talking about projects you are currently working on; for product-based companies this means talking to us about your company’s evolution and roadmap.

By giving us a view into your operations, we can react quickly and start looking for your potential new team members as soon as the opportunities arise. We run a transparent, trust-based operation where we share information openly on both sides of the table and we expect the same from our Partners.